The Laws of Online Sports Gambling

Sports betting online or via the internet are not very uncommon for people to do nowadays but many people still wonder whether they are indeed breaking some state laws or local laws. Moreover most countries have legislation whether it is legal or illegal to gamble for all types of gambling.

In the United States the regulation for sports betting or gambling was recently left upon the decision of the individual states of U.S. But online betting and gambling created a lot of confusion about the jurisdiction and the scope of the jurisdiction. One could question who could run laws and enforce it in cyberspace. Most of the laws we currently have apply to all kinds of gambling and the laws were created way before online or internet betting existed. Thus there is a wide interpretation and application of all of those laws when it is applied to online betting.

The stand of the US government about the legality of running sports gambling or betting operation off the shores of America and takes the activities from the United States clients is arguably illegal. Unfortunately, no bills have been enacted or even passed yet to prevent such undertakings and in recent times the attempts to pass such bills have been futile.

Chris Costigan, who is a sports betting analyst and who is the president, says that the Federal government of United States had placed a lot of the responsibilities for the legislation of gambling on the discretion of the states, some did consider legalizing online betting like North Dakota, a state that considered the legalization of online poker within their state but the bill of it failed to pass.

There are states in United States, for example Illinois, which have added the legislation that strictly bans online casinos from advertising. Three states namely; Louisiana, California and Nevada bans the citizens from gambling or betting beyond their borders. These laws however, were proven to be loosely implemented and enforced. Still many states consider betting and gambling violations as misconduct and misdemeanors with many states focusing particularly on those operating them rather than the individual gamblers.

In lieu of avoiding breaking laws of United States, most of the internet sports books are found in countries abroad which also has their computer servers there. The United States government in the current years has been trying to pass the legislation which would specifically deal with regulating online gambling.

There are just so much gray sides regarding the authorities who would control over the activities online. The attempts has been unsuccessful and it is becoming apparently clear that even the superpower country like United States cannot effectively pass a law and enforce it for online gambling.