How to play Progressive Slots - An Easy Online Gambling Guide

Progressive slots are composed of machines that are linked or connected together to other progressive slot machines by one network. A certain percentage of the money that is played on each of the machine will be added to the big payout. Any person has the chance on getting the jackpot when he or she hits the line which is the winning one and the machine is linked onto the network.

How to play Progressive Slots

In starting to play the Slots, a player has to deposit some money into the slot machine. In doing this, one must select the bill type located at the right hand screen's side of the machine.

Once the selection has been made by the player, he or she should deposit the money/bill into the machine simply by clicking on the area where the insert bill can be found. The player must see the bill move going into the machine. He or she may then choose which of the denominations of the coin; the player likes to play with so the denominations can be increased or decreased the player just clicks the buttons of the "left arrow" or the "right arrow" found on the slot machine's left-hand side.

After selecting the coin denomination and depositing the money into the slot machine, the coins that a player have available in the machine gets shown in the field for credits located at the right hand corner of the machine's top. It should have a primary bet of one displayed in the field for the bet. Just for example, if the player deposits twenty pounds and the denomination of the coin selected was one pound then twenty pounds will be seen on the display but if the player clicks the button of the coin denomination with the "right arrow", the value of the coin will change to 0.25 pounds, and one will see that the field for credits will be altered to eighty.

The field which displays the amount of the coins one has selected is the Bet field. It is the also the bet which will the spin. A player should remember that the BALANCE field won't change when the coin denomination has been change. It is because the balance is shown not in coins but in dollars.

When the money has been deposited into the machine and the coin denomination has been selected, a player may click the button called the BET ONE button for triple times which means betting the maximum with three coins.

Some slot machines called the Forbidden Fruit and the Flower Power even allow five coins. After that the reels may then start spinning by clicking on the button called the SPIN REELS. When the player likes to play the maximum bet of three coins a spin, he or she may choose the BET MAX button by clicking on it and it will automatically make the reels spin. Then the reels will halt, which will determine a player's payoff based on the table of the winning combinations displayed above each of the machine and the credits a player wins will also be shown in the field called PAID.