Important Roulette Facts Every Player Should Know

Every player's goal is to beat the roulette wheel with sure hits to earn more and more money. However, there certain things that they need to do in order to achieve their goal. Cheating is out of the question since no can cheat the roulette wheel.

Nevertheless, there are systems that players can learn and follow to eventually beat roulette and get rich.

Yes, you can beat roulette but never with a mathematical system or any system that you can buy from the Internet that gives you false promises and hope.

No mathematical system can actually work for beating the roulette wheel because roulette works in a total random fashion. The chances of you getting your bet even from the most simple of bets from any spin will always be at 50%. Either you get it or not. Just because the wheel hit red the last time does not mean it will hit black the next, or vise versa.

No spin affects another. Each spin is in random. The roulette wheel does not have a memory chip inside like a computer; it simply does not work that way.

All the spins from the roulette wheel are different from one another and no future spin is related to its past spins. In simple terms, Roulette is a purely a game of chance.

The Simple 1, 2, 3 Roulette System:

If you are an avid roulette player all you can do is to bet on the best bet on the roulette table and make sure that you are playing with the roulette wheel with your advantage higher.

Roulette System # 1: Play the European Roulette Wheel

The version of European Roulette has 37 slots as compared to American Roulette with 38 slots. This means that the European Roulette has only one zero (0), since American Roulette has two zero, the zero (0) and the double zero (00).

European Roulette gives the casino an advantage of 2.7% while at the American Roulette the casino has an advantage of 5.26%. This is the reason why the European Roulette is the best roulette to play if you want to increase your winning odds.

Roulette System # 2 Avoid non-profit bets

The following are not so good bets that you should avoid. These are the bets to all single numbers and avoid the five number bets as well. Both have the worst odds on the Roulette table.

Roulette System # 3: The Best Place to Bet

These are the best bet that you can do at the Roulette table, the even money bets like, Odd, Even, High (19-36), Low (1-18), Black or Red.

If you bet on these places you will be given a payout of 1:1.