Factors in an Online Roulette Game

There is a perception that online roulette compared to land based roulette can be calculated and beaten allowing the player to have some measure of success. For the most part this is not the truth.

But it does not mean that it cannot be considered. Online Roulette does have some factors that the player needs to be aware of. First thing is to understand the roulette wheel. There are two roulette options: The American and the European Roulette wheel.

The American Roulette Wheel has 38 spaces. It shows numbered spaces from zero to thirty-six. It also has two zeros. The American version gives the casino a 5 � edge over the players.

The European Roulette Wheel version has thirty seven number spaces. It also has a single zero. While the absence of one slot may seem not important, the percentage says that the effect is a substantial one. The casino advantage drops around 5 and � to just 2 and �. The European version gives the player around a half advantage.

This factor is certainly interesting. Since playing online roulette does not limit a player from playing on a different table type, the player can then choose on which type of table he wants to play on. Another significant factor is the influence of the dealer in casino roulette.

The main idea is that the croupier or the dealer will unknowingly set a pattern in spinning the roulette wheel. The numbers and the spaces in the table are placed in a way that getting them is possible. Regardless of the way or even the muscle movement, dealers are merely a factor in this game.

One of the reasons also that the dealer's influence should not be taken into big consideration is that the game is in an online casino and the chances are not the same. So what influences or significant factors which really need to be considered?

One factor maybe is that the European Roulette version possesses better odds compared to the American Roulette version. Playing in an online roulette game debunks the dealer influence because there is no croupier present in the game and the main outcome of the game is decided by an RNG or a Random Number Generator. The odds are not in favor of the player.

The winnings are not that big. The main factor in online roulette is whether a player genuinely likes it or not. To cap it, the player that wants to play the game must find a good online casino where they can play and maximize their chances of winning.