Common Bingo Terms for Beginners

Bingo is considered one of the most popular games on Earth. This game of luck has survived through the centuries, and has proven to maintain the interest of Bingo enthusiasts, young and old, alike. As the online Bingo game continues to gain a larger following each day, the traditional way of luring beginners through the old-time method of playing this game can never be discounted. As long as there will be Bingo games at community social halls, or during charity events, the increase in number of traditional Bingo enthusiasts will continue.

One luring factor of Bingo is the basic, and easy-to-understand, way of playing the game. New Bingo players only need to understand the art of listening and concentrating on the winning numbers found on their Bingo cards. After that, they only have to be on guard for the particular Bingo pattern. And, if they are lucky enough, then "Bingo"!

But, aside from the basic Bingo rules, new Bingo enthusiasts should also be familiar with the following terms used in Bingo games.

1. "Blackout", or "Coverall", is a Bingo pattern that requires all the numbers on the entire Bingo card to be called. This Bingo pattern is the main pattern that usually offers the grand prize money. 2. The "Caller" can either be a person, or a machine, that draws and calls out the set of winning numbers for the Bingo players. 3. The Bingo "Card" is every Bingo players' ticket to fortune. It contains 24 numbered spaces with one blank/free space in the center. The numbers on the card are assigned randomly. 4. A "Chat Room" is a unique feature of online Bingo games. This is a screen alongside the player's game, which allows the player to send messages to fellow online Bingo participants. 5. The "Consolation Prize" is offered every time there is no winner from the predetermined number of calls. Special Bingo games offer a consolation prize. 6. A "Dauber" is a marker used by Bingo players for their Bingo cards. It is either a foam-tipped bottle, or a pen filled with ink. 7. The "Early Bird Game" refers to a Bingo game which is held before the main Bingo event, or a regularly scheduled game. 8. A "Game Board" displays the Bingo balls and the current Bingo pattern for the game. 9. The "Jackpot" is usually given after a Bingo player achieves a difficult pattern, like the Blackout (within a predetermined number of calls). 10. The "Pattern" is each Bingo players' guide to winning a game. Among the Bingo patterns are straight lines in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, direction, and the blackout, or coverall.

Knowing these basic terms will help keep your head in the game while you are learning the game of Bingo.