Casinos in Washington State

People know that Las Vegas is the world's top gambling destination, however, several states in the US have welcomed gamblers with open arms. The state of Washington is one of those states that allow the operation of casinos, and as of last count, there are 27 Native American casinos in that state.

Though less prestigious and glamorous than their Las Vegas counterparts, Washington casinos are not to be left behind in terms of gambling variety. Gamblers can find a wide array of casino games like blackjack, roulette, video poker, craps and of course, slots. Less popular games like baccarat, keno and off-track betting are also available. These casinos welcome gamblers as young as 18, though the minimum age limit varies with every casino.

Washington casinos range from big casino resorts to small mini-casinos or card rooms. The casino resorts offer not just the usual casino games, but also hotel rooms, spas, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. You can even watch Las Vegas-style shows at some of these casinos. If you plan to stay longer in Washington to go around trekking and sightseeing, you might want to stay at a casino resort.

Aside from casinos, there are also legalized horse track racing stations all over the state. Most Native American casinos in Washington also offer electronic lottery tickets that operate from cards bought at the casino. These electronic gaming machines have a minimum payout of 75% and a $5 limit.

Washington is fairly lenient in its gambling laws. Gambling is allowed in casinos and also for charitable purposes. However, just like other states, they impose restrictions in online or Internet gambling, and gambling for money on the Internet is considered a felony. Free online gambling, however, is still allowed.

If you want to go on a vacation to any of the cities and places in Washington, it's good to know that there are many casinos in the state where you can have fun playing your favorite casinos. Visiting Washington casinos can be an exciting diversion or side trip to a countryside vacation. You don't have to worry about gambling laws in the state because casino gambling is perfectly legal in Washington.

Next time you are in Seattle or any place in Washington, be sure to visit their casinos. You will miss half your life if you don't care to play in their luxurious casinos that offer some of the most popular and well-loved casino games in the world.