Casinos in the Philippines

Pinoys are naturally fun-loving. We have so many ways of having fun (sometimes at the expense of others'). One of which is playing with money involved. Local standbys can play basketball with a bet of five pesos each; whoever wins the game wins the money. Kids can earn money by playing cockfight but instead of roosters, they use spiders. Anyone who has the desire to get cash can immerse themselves in gambling, that's why the rich, elite and the bored are glad that there are casinos all over the Philippines.

There are more or less twenty casinos from Luzon to Mindanao. The monetary units used can be in peso or in dollar. They may not be as sophisticated or extravagant as the casinos in rich, developed countries, but they surely are accommodative and accessible. They have an average of 200 slots per casino, where you can enjoy for a minimum of Php 2 and up to Php 20. They have poker tables, where you can choose the poker variant you want to play. The bets, in terms of peso, can be from 200 to 5000. The prices also apply in blackjack tables. Baccarat is also available, with bets higher than those of poker and blackjack. They can go from Php 3000 to Php 500000.

Now here's a real survival of the most talented and the richest. However, if you want to enjoy baccarat with less money at risk, some casinos also offer mini-baccarat. Other games are also available, like roulette and bingo. Now that you know the average money it could cost you, if you are a first-timer, you might consider bringing lots if you want to enjoy your casino stay longer.

Some casinos here are not just merely casinos. They also have restaurants and hotels, among others. A casino can have more than one restaurant, which usually serves Filipino, Japanese and Western cuisine. Their hotels are of good quality, just like their casinos. As a feature, some casinos are located in a Philippine historical or natural landmark, so that you can enjoy the local scenery especially when you are in bad shape in your game. To know if the casino where you are is legal, it must be recognized by PAGCOR, or Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Besides, if it's PAGCOR-approved, it must be world-class.

Philippine casinos have been helping the government promote and improve its tourism, so if you want to enjoy your favorite game, and at the same time, appreciate the local scenery, go to a casino now. And, like a regular Pinoy, have fun!