Addiction to Online Gaming

It is easy to get addicted to playing online poker. As a player, you spend the majority of your time in online poker rooms and dreaming that you will be the next big winner of the $25,000 dollars jackpot prize. You also get jealous of a lot of players who have already won beside you.

So you then decide to deposit some cash and start playing in the games. You have also started reading every poker book that you can get your hands to in hopes of learning from it, watching every poker tournament that you can watch and reading every blog online, hoping to learn some sort of advice.

But it would be all in vain as you are not able to win in any tournament that you have joined. You win occasionally and you became convinced that you can take on the world immediately. You then are encouraged to deposit more money and then before you know it, you are hooked totally and poker is all that you think about.

Like coming from a day at the office, all that you think about is what tournament can you join while you are on your way home. You are also willing to sacrifice your regular hours of sleep so you could play all night. Poker becomes a little frustrating and then you start becoming agitated as the losses pile up.

You get headaches and other disturbing symptoms as you play day after day but you still ignore it. The people around you are starting to notice your erratic behavior. Your deposits are getting bigger and bigger because you are hoping to win that big jackpot.

The grim reality in this situation is that while there are a lot of players that are successful in their endeavors online, there are also a lot of players that are not successful. There are a lot of things that a player can do if they feel that they are spiraling out of control.

First, notify the online site that you are usually playing on. Tell them to ban your user account for life. Before doing so, the online site will notify you if you really want to do this. Email them back that you really want to do it.

Second, close down your online deposit accounts like PayPal. They will also notify you if you really want to close down your account. Email them back that you really want to do it. Third, give away all of your poker references like books or recycle them.

Fourth, remove your poker software from your PC. You can also ban online casino sites on your PC.

Fifth, do something aside from sitting in your computer.

Sixth, ignore poker events online. You will only be tempted to join back in if you do so.

Last but not the least, remember the welfare of your family. You don't want them to suffer just in case your online poker career is not successful.