Slot Etiquette

slot machine etiquette is the proper manners and right conduct that a slot machine player needs to behave. However, even though playing the slot machines is a solitary activity it will still require players to interact with other players as well since you are playing at the casino with so many players around.

The following are slot etiquette tips:

1. Coin Cups on Seats or Handles

If you see a slot machine with a coin cup on the handle or on the seat it means that a player is still playing that slot machine. The player is probably just at the wash room or at the cashier or somewhere but for sure they will be back.

In a casino that does not use coins for their slot machine they left some of their personal belongings like a jacket or hat to signify that the slot machine is still being used by someone.

If this is the case, you should respect the owner of the belongings and look for another slot machine. If there are no more slot machines available you can always ask somebody that you will be next after they are done playing with the slot machine.

On the contrary if you are the one who are going to use the bathroom and you will ask an attendant to watch the slot machine while you are away for just a few minutes you will have to give him or her a tip as a good thing for keeping an eye on your slot machine.

2. Playing Multiple Slot Machines

You can play with multiple slot machines if the casino is not yet full with players and there is no one to play the slots. But if the casino gets too crowded then you should reduce the number of slot machines you are playing to only one.

There are casinos that have a sign that say: One slot machine only per player. If this is the case then you should respect the casino.

Think about the feelings of other players who want to play at the slot machine but there is one player who is playing two to three slot machines at the same time.

3. A player's club card is left in the slot machine

Sometimes players tend to forget to get their slot club card from the machine. If you see a card sitting at the slot machine have the initiative to just put the player's club card on top of the machine. Putting the card at the top of the machine is a customary act to anyone who forgets his or her player's club card.

4. Smoking

If you are surrounded with other players, smoke can be annoying to them, so refrain from smoking directly at them.