Feature Slot Properties

1. Direction of winning lines

The winning lines are directed from left to right. However, there are slot machines with very significant exceptions.

2. Reel feature slots

There some original slot machine that has one most common neat feature and that is the "prize wheel". The prize wheel allows players to spin the slot machine for different amounts of cash.

This feature is activated after the player hits a specific symbol combination. Or this may not be a combination but a special symbol alone, but it should come out in a specific position and normally that is at the far right.

3. Video Feature Slots

Your imagination is the only limit to what the slot machine can feature. Again this specific feature is activated after a series of combinations is hit.

This kind of feature is like a movie or something; players will have to select some choices while the game is in progress.

There are new other Boss Slots that offer cool, fun and exciting features as well. There are wide selections of themes being used as well from movies to fantasy to everything under the Sun all trying to lure players to try their machines.

4. Free Spins

The free spins are normally activated after hitting 3 or more disperse symbols. The disperse symbol does not have to be located at the payline only but it can appear anywhere to trigger it.

A player's free spin can be sometimes worth double to quadruple win with every hit. In other slots' features players can select combinations like 5 spins with quadruple amount to win, at 10 spins with triple amount and then there is the 15 at double to win the amount.

Other slot machines have secondary features that give the win multiplier. Players can win from around 5 to 20 spins on the reel for free; nevertheless, this depends on the slot machine.

5. Pick your present

There are slot machines where players are able to choose their presents. This is in the form of a basket where players get to see the treasure inside of the basket that they choose.

The number of baskets that players can choose will depend on the scatters that they hit at their spins.

There are also click that will give certain symbols, and after these symbols appears the player will get a prize with every click.

6. Start the action

There are slot machines where players get to choose their series of selection before the game begins. The players begin their action in their own will. There are characters within the machine and players can choose many other different choices.

This featured slot machine can be complicated and every day they are becoming really complicated, it's like players are in a real movie where they get to choose their ending.

7. The triggers

To activate these cool and neat features players need to activate something from hitting the slot machine. If a certain symbol or combination is triggered by the player they are entitle to these features.