Blackjack Terminologies

Action - this term is used in general about gambling. This means the total amount that players bet in a given period of game session. Example: $15 with every bet, and there is 10 bets in all. The total action is at $150.

Basic Strategy - a system that provide players to increase their odds in winning.

Blackjack - this is the initial two cards of a player that has a 10 point value card and an Ace such as A/K, A/Q, A/J and A/10.

Black Chip - $100 worth of chips.

Burn Card - this can be a single or more that is taken away from the top of the deck of cards and is place at the discard tray facing down.

Bust - if the player's hand total value reaches more than 21.

Cage - this is the name they call for the cashier's cage. This is the place where players exchange their cash into chips.

Card Counter - is the system that players use to track cards in his or her favor.

Cold Streak - a player that is losing his touch for the game.

Comps - this is used in gambling in general, this is what players get from playing at the casino.

Cut Card - this is given to players to use for cutting the shuffled cards, it is normally a colored plastic card.

Double Down - this is the total value of their first two cards, usually this is 10 or 11. After receiving this you can double your bet and then get another one.

Double Exposure - the dealer's blackjack hands are dealt facing upward.

Green Chip - $25.00 worth of chips.

Hard Hand - an Ace is worth as 1 and not worth 11 or a hand without an Ace.

Hit - this is the term you use when you want to ask one more card.

Hit Soft 17 - this is in exception to the blackjack standard rule, when the dealer hits his cards that have an Ace and a 6.

Hole Card - this means that the dealer's cards are dealt facing down.

Hot Streak - this means that the dealer or the player is on a winning stage.

House - this means the casino.

House Percentage - this is the total advantage that the casino has over the players.

Insurance - this is a kind of side bet done by players especially when the dealer's card is an Ace.

Marker - this is a kind of credit given to players that are worth it.

Odds - this is the term used when a player wants to express his or her mathematical chances to the game.

Pat Hand - this means the player has a hand that has a total between 17 to 21.

Pair - if a player got two cards of the same value example: 7 and 7.

Pit - this means that the area is surrounded by Blackjack's tables.

Pit Boss - this is casino personnel that supervise the game.

Point Count - this is the total value of your card count at the end of a dealt cards.

Push - this is the tie that both the dealer and the player have.

Red Chip - $5.00 worth of chips.

Shill - this is what they call a casino employee that pretends to be a player, however, this strategy used by casinos is not being practiced anymore.

Shoe - this is a machine that holds the deck of cards.

Soft Hand - this means that the player has a blackjack that includes an Ace.

Split - this means that the player is holding two cards with the same rank that can be split by players.

Stand - this means that the player is satisfied with what is on his hands.

Stiff Hand - this means that the player has a blackjack with a total between 12 and 16.

Surrender - this is an option that allows players to discontinue his game after the first two cards are dealt.

True Count - it means that the running count is divided with the number of cards that are left to be dealt.

Toke - this means to give tip to the dealer.

Twenty-One - this is what Blackjack called before. However, this is not Blackjack; this is a game with 3 or more cards that can accumulate the total of 21.

Unit - this is the minimum bet of a blackjack table.

Up card - this is the term to call cards that are dealt facing upward.