Blackjack Etiquette

Etiquette in blackjack is important, since game manners are guidelines that should be strictly followed by all players for better game play. However, etiquettes are not the same with formal rules that are written down. This involves individual behavior and attitude.

Following blackjack etiquette can make you popular in casinos. Not only can it make you popular it can make you a successful player as well.

> If you are not playing at the blackjack table and you want to watch the game you can do it from behind the players. As part of etiquette you must not stare at the players' cards as that is improper.

> If you are watching at that table and then one player vacates a seat do not take that seat, that is improper as well, since you have watched them play they will not feel comfortable playing with you. Better to head to a different table.

> Giving tips to casino staff is not required but it is a sign of courtesy. Although gratuity is appreciated as this is part of a dealer's wages and should not be forgotten.

> If you are playing at the table and you want to order a drink do this after you play a hand and not in the middle of the game, this can slow down game play and possibly annoy your playmates.

> Aside from ordering your drink in between hands you may also want to place your bet quickly and it should not take you long before doing so.

> Before you begin your game at a table, especially if you are new, you should have the courtesy to introduce yourself first before joining the game.

> If you want to leave the table after a hand, do it in a polite way, tell the dealer immediately before the dealer deals again.

> Handle your cards the proper way. Leave the cards face-up if it was dealt face-up and the cards face-down if it is meant to be face-down. Be careful in handling your cards, never crumple, scratch, bend or put a mark on your card, and never eat while playing or you might put grease on your cards.

> Chips that have already been placed in the tray after betting should not be touched by anyone.

> If you are giving hand signals make sure that it is clear and can be well understood.

> If the game is already ongoing and you want to join them first you have to ask their permission if they will allow you or not. If they don't allow you, let it be, they have their reasons and it is not bad.