Backgammon for Beginners

One of the earliest pastimes of many people throughout history is backgammon. Backgammon is recognized as the pastime of royal families and aristocrats as well as commoners. It has been a recreation for everyone around the world for thousands of years.

Backgammon's ancestors are wide and varied. Senet is a game of the people of Egypt. In Rome, Tabula is their favorite game. These games are both played on boards. In present day, it is identified as Tavli. Backgammon was also banned in particular civilizations. Throughout the sovereignty of Empress Jito in Japan, it was prohibited.

In England, all boards were ordered to be put to fire. The English made backgammon boards within empty books to seem unnoticeable and to keep on participating in the game. From ancient times this game has come out in all sorts of variants.

In these modern times, backgammon is captivating a further twist by means of computer technology. Through the Internet, each and everyone can play this game any place they want to. You can just download a program and play through the Internet. There are tons of servers you can choose from.

Backgammon can be played by two players having to roll the die to start the game. The player with the higher number rolled will be the first one to play. He will use his rolled die as the basis of arranging his checkers on the board. The backgammon board has red and black (sometimes shades of brown or black and white) patterns for the checkers to be placed on.

The players then take turns rolling a set of dice. This is the way they can move and rearrange their checkers. The objective being to remove your checkers as soon as possible before your opponent does. These checkers must be moved along the board until it is time to remove them. You can hit your opponent's checkers or block them to defeat your opponent. If your checker hits an opponent's checker, your checker will replace its position and the other checker will be transferred to the central part of the board.

This game involves quick-thinking abilities and intense examination if you want to win in the game. With enough knowledge and skills, you can overcome any obstacle in the game. Observe your opponent's techniques so that you can be familiar with his next move and have an advanced plan for defeating it. Ignore distractions since these are the most common methods players are using to conquer their opponent.

While a game of chance there is much skill to learn. Although because of those pesky dice, even a novice has the opportunity to beat a grand master and perhaps that is why this game has lasted throughout time.