Backgammon Variants

Since its inception, the game of backgammon has been used more than just a game. The various backgammon variants range from the simple to the more complicated games. Their rules may vary from one backgammon variation to another.

There are various games that are designed for children who are learning the ropes of the game of backgammon. The game Blast Off eliminates the rule of hitting. Another popular backgammon for children is BlockingBackgammon. Most of the time, this is the game that is first taught to Middle Eastern children. Likewise, another backgammon variant familiar to children of this region is Eureika, which is played as the first step for children to get acquainted with the board of backgammon.

One of the most popular backgammon variations is Acey-Deucey. In the United States, this variant is popular among the soldiers since World War I. In the European version, doubles are allowed on the two sides of the dice. It is also a popular game in Greece as well as in Mexico.

In the Middle East, Narde is considered as one of the pioneers in the game of backgammon. Its rules are those being followed by contemporary backgammon. Plakoto, which is also popular in Bulgaria, allows pinning of the checkers of the opponent. An offshoot of Plakoto, Plakoto Express adopts similar rules of the game; however, there is a slight modification when the player's dice show a double. Moreover, Portes is another variation that is quite famous to the people of Greece. The ancient people of Rome played a popular variation called Tabula. It made use of three instead of the traditional two dice.

One of the most popular contemporary backgammon games is Nackgammon, which was introduced by Nack Ballard. The game proceeds much like a normal game of backgammon but the only difference is that there are a couple of extra checkers at the back. For the competitive type of backgammon players, Duplicate Backgammon is one of the options they can consider. Here, two players roll similar dice in different games. If there are several competitors, Chouette is the best backgammon variation. Here, a member of the team is chosen to be the captain.

Whatever backgammon variation that the player prefers, there is a similar result that will happen: complete fun and excitement. However, it is important for people to remember how to stop whenever they run out of budget because instead of becoming a worthwhile experience, they might end up disappointed and frustrated.