Backgammon Basic Rules

This article will discuss the most relevant and significant rules for the backgammon tournaments. The rules particularly apply for the big tournaments for backgammon and almost all the tiny tournaments.

The rules for backgammon tournaments are similar as the rules for the usual backgammon games. In other words the game is very much the same. The difference lies in the environment which surrounds the tournament. If a player intends to join a tournament for backgammon he or she should be familiarized with the set of rules first.

Backgammon Tournament Rules for the penalties

The rules for the tournaments of Backgammon tell players should not use any written or mechanical tools or aids while playing. The only thing they are allowed to do is to keep track of scores. Using headphones is also prohibited.

As participants, one should make sure to arrive on time since the tournament's rules are rigid when it concerns the right timing. The tournaments typically begin at the exact time. All of the Backgammon tournament participants can take breaks lasting for five minutes in between the matches.

If a player goes beyond the allotted time for the match or the time for the breaks between the games, the tournament rules states that a point will be deducted as a corresponding penalty. The initial penalty point shall be imposed for the initial fifteen minutes of a player's delay and then after every five minutes of delay another point for penalty will be added.

The tournament rules states that players can participate and play at their own speed but, players who are playing very slow will also get a warning from the director of the tournament for playing slow and could get a penalty later on. Today most of the tournaments for backgammon are being monitored and supervised using timers. This would allow a move lasting for forty five seconds.

The rules for entering Backgammon Tournaments

The entrance for the tournaments is always subject to permissions and approval by the organizers of the tournaments.

All the tournaments have varied entrance fees. The entrance fees are then added up and become the jackpot for the backgammon tournament. The winner for the tournament is announced after the tournament finishes. The winner is determined by knowing which player got the most number of points.

There are online backgammon tournaments as well. These tournaments are player over the internet. The rules are very much the same as the land based tournaments. However there is automatic scoring for the online tournaments.