6 Blackjack Basic Tips

It is true that Blackjack mostly favors the dealer over the players. One clear example is in the instance where both the player and the dealer bust but it is the player who loses. There are however many things one can surely do to increase their winning odds. These are simple ways and are worth memorizing and noting down because the details below are proven tips which have been time tested as working.

The "do's" and "don'ts" below are rules which are pretty simple to follow:

1. A player should pick a table that is most helpful to him or her. Never underestimate that picking a table is a valuable and crucial decision to make. Often times this is the most important pre-game decision a player can make.

What is the significance of choosing a table? First, in choosing a table a player should choose a table where the bets are at the minimum. It should be not more than five percent of the player's bankroll. Another note is to remember that the rules of that variation should be more "player-friendly".

2. A player should also learn which of the rules of that variation favor the player and which rules greatly favor the dealer to have the advantage. An elimination of some of the tables is easily made right there and then.

3. The player should also know when to make a hit. The dealer will hit on any hand composed of 16 or lower, and with this knowledge in mind, one knows that a player can't win with a hand of less than seventeen unless of course the dealer makes a bust.

Hence, a player should take a hit on any hand totaling under 17 when a player sees that the dealers has a K, Q, J, 10, 8 or 9 card showing. If however the dealer is showing a hand with a 4, 5, or 6, the dealer will most likely bust 40 percent of the time. In this case the player should stand on any hand greater than eleven.

4. There is an aspect where a player can choose to be proactive by using the doubling-down choice. This increases the advantage of the player. The doubling-down option gives the player the chance to double his bet and to get an additional card. One should exercise this choice when one is very sure of beating the dealer. The hands most players like to double-down are the following:

A. with any hand of eleven B. with a nine C. with a ten versus a nine or a lower card D. with soft hands of 13 through 17 E. cards against a 4, 5 or 6

5. A split should be used when the dealer deals a player with two cards having the same value. A player can "split" the hand to double the bet and play the two hands they now have.